Training & Curriculum Development

Most classes are offered in a classroom setting at the location of your choice. We are prepared to travel internationally, cross-country or locally. Classes can also be offered electronically via video webinar or webinar, or in combination, depending on location, curriculum and customization.

Class sizes can vary according to subject matter and specific topical or regional need. We understand that and have worked with those conditions often.

We can construct classes of five to fifty per classroom. Thus far, that has been the size allowing for the engagement necessary for successful learning and is most enriching for these subjects.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

  • Basic Mediation Skills
  • Certification for Court Appointed Mediation in California and most other states
  • Strategic Negotiation

Minimum Continuing Legal Education and Continuing Legal Education:

  • Ethics in Mediation
  • The Elements of Diversity and Social Justice in Mediation
  • Court Managed Mediation Programs and Mediation Skills
  • Preparing Attorneys and their Clients for Mediation in the Litigated Case
  • High Conflict Personalities and Substance Abuse in Mediation Settings

Customized Alternative Dispute Resolution Training and Curriculum Development:

  • Foreclosure Mediation by State or Region
  • Managing High Conflict Personnel or Personalities by Industry or Specific Conflict or Dispute
  • Conflict Management and Consensus Development by Industry and Diversity Elements
  • Bankruptcy Resolution Advocacy by District, State or Region



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